Step 1: Placing an Order
We have multiple locations in Maryland that service the greater Baltimore and western Maryland regions as well as selected areas of southern Pennsylvania and West Virginia. To ensure superior service, please schedule your order as soon as possible. Schedules often fill quickly so the earlier you call the more likely you’ll get the time slot that fits your project. Contact Us to place your order.

When you call, your customer service representative will want to know a few things including:

  • Your name
  • Your company name
  • A call back number where we can reach you or your contractor on the job, preferably a mobile telephone number
  • The job address, city, state, and zip code
  • A PO number (if your company requires it)
  • The delivery date and time
  • The status of the order:
    • Definite/Active – We will ship the order to you at the agreed upon date and time with no more interaction from you.
    • Will Call – We will hold your time slot and your order details in the system and wait for you to call and release the order on the scheduled shipping date.
  • Your payment method – We accept Cash, Check, Credit Card, or we can establish a business credit line with you.
  • The total cubic yards that you wish to order and if you want us to put your order in as a plus order. If you order 9 yards, for example, we will ship 9 yards to you and schedule the truck for another customer following completion of your project. If you order 9 yards plus we understand that you may require additional concrete and will be sure to leave room in the schedule to accommodate an increase in total yardage following your first truck.
  • The schedule of your trucks (if ordering over 10 yards) – If you order 16 yards of concrete do you want 10 yards on the first truck followed by 6 yards on the second truck 20 minutes apart? Or maybe you would prefer 8 yards on the first truck and 8 yards on the second truck 30 minutes apart? We can work with you to accommodate a delivery schedule that works for you.
  • The product that you wish to pour, as well as any additional additives. Your customer service representative can assist you in choosing the best product for your application.

Your customer service representative will confirm the details of your order and give you a final price. You can also request an order number which will expedite any future calls about your order.

Step 2: Confirm or Cancel an Order
If you placed a will call order, please be sure to call and confirm that you wish to change your order to active. We will not ship a will call order until we hear from you first. If inclement weather or extenuating circumstances require you to cancel an active or will call order, please notify us immediately, preferably at least 2 hours before your scheduled delivery time.

Step 3: Dispatch, Tracking, and Delivery
We locate the shipping address that you provide and pair that with the delivery time you have requested. Our systems then pin point the exact time that we need to load your order to ensure timely delivery. The order details are sent to a batch panel which interacts with the physical plant to weigh all the materials in correct proportion and empty them into the truck. The driver cleans the truck one final time, inspects the load, and is on his way to your job.

As the truck leaves any of our plant locations our satellite tracking system continually monitors its position en route to your job. Your dispatcher can find the exact location of the truck at your request. He or she can also preemptively deal with issues en route to you job before they impact the delivery of your material based on the real-time data provide by our tracking system.

Step 4: Billing and Payment Options
We offer various billing and payment options including Cash, Check, Visa® or Master Card®, or you can contact our Sales department to setup credit terms. For larger projects your salesperson can provide a customized quote with project pricing.

If you order by Credit Card, please note that we will ask you for your CCV code in order to verify that you are the card holder. We will bill your credit card as we load your truck. The transaction date for credit card orders will be on the day that your order was shipped and the post date will usually be just one day later. Our credit charges appear with the words “Schuster Concrete” on your credit card statement. For more information about how we protect your information, please see our privacy policy.

If you choose to pay by Check please be aware that we will ask you for a telephone number that is linked to the account so that we can verify that the required funds are available. We will NOT ask you for the bank account number or routing number on the phone.

If you order by business line of credit you will usually receive an invoice within one week of your concrete delivery as all completed orders are billed within two days of the delivery date.