Safety at Schuster Construction

Safety is our top Priority

At Schuster Concrete Construction, safety is one of our core values. We strive to ensure that every worker is protected from injury each and every day they report to work. With strict personal protective equipment  requirements for safety helmets, safety glasses, and cut-resistant gloves on all job sites, at all times, our workforce has a culture of safe work habits. Our training programs help to ensure that all employees have the proper skills needed to work safely. We can proudly say that we have an excellent safety record. Schuster Concrete Construction continues to make improvements to our safety programs with the use of technology and engineering methods to make sure we remain a safe place to work. We have built a safety culture based on management participation as well as employee involvement.


All construction employees participate in weekly Tool Box Talks that are used as consistent, actionable training and information sessions. These Tool Box Talks are usually based on a current construction related safety topic. In order to be permitted to use company equipment, employees must participate in company-provided training and demonstrate safe operation of the equipment. Additionally, if an accident or injury occurs, our safety department will perform a full investigation of the incident and will conduct post-accident re-training with the employee, or with all employees on that jobsite, if necessary.

Schuster Concrete Construction Crew
Schuster Concrete Cranes

Maryland Crane Regulations

Schuster Concrete Construction’s Safety Department follows legislation and regulations closely so that it can immediately alter company processes and procedures to comply with any new regulations. Training sessions are conducted for rigging and signaling to ensure  safe crane activities as well as compliance with new standards as they arise.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA)

All facets of project safety are regulated by OSHA standards. Schuster Concrete Construction’s Safety Director and fourteen full time safety officers encourage our workforce to perform above OSHA safety standards. Our Safety Department helps to ensure we comply with all OSHA regulations compliance in all areas. We have 49% of our supervisory construction staff OSHA trained. There are also safety carpenters on all job sites.

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Schuster Fall Protection

Fall Protection

The safety of employees is one of the most important priorities on jobsites, especially when it comes to protecting employees from falls. Being a commercial construction company who completes many high-rise structures, we strictly follow OSHA regulations on fall protection. All employees working at a height greater than six feet are guarded from falls or required to be “tied-off” to arrest their fall. 

Substance Abuse Testing

Every potential employee completes a screening to test for the use of illegal drugs prior to being hired with Schuster Concrete Construction. In addition, to comply with Maryland Crane standards, any employee who operates a crane or works as a rigger or signal person in crane operation is entered into our random testing program where each month employees are randomly selected for drug and alcohol testing. Furthermore, any employee involved in an accident or injury is sent for substance abuse testing. Any test that is returned as “positive” will result in the immediate termination of the involved employee.  Additionally testing occurs when required for specific projects and trade partners and both safety personnel and field managers are trained to identify signs of substance abuse and impairment.

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