Are those big green concrete trucks yours?

Actually, the iconic green concrete delivery trucks seen throughout the Baltimore/Washington area, western Maryland, parts of northern West Virginia and southern Pennsylvania are owned and operated by our sister company, Schuster Concrete.

With 8 concrete supply plants in Maryland – and the ability to setup remote concrete batch plants for large construction projects – Schuster Concrete is well positioned to provide timely concrete delivery for projects in a large portion of our state.

To place an order for ready-mixed concrete or learn more about the various concrete mixes available for your project, please visit

Will you bid my ‘residential’ construction project?

Probably not, but we will be happy to review your plans, specifications and related construction documents and provide a cost estimate for your commercial, industrial or institutional construction project.

Schuster Construction, also known as DGS Construction, Inc., is a commercial contractor & commercial project management service company. We specialize in the construction of large, detailed, and/or otherwise challenging commercial projects of all types and sizes, using state-of-the-art concrete placement practices and a highly experienced team of skilled tradespeople, job-site supervisors, project managers and office support staff.

Other than large scale multi-family projects, like the 191 unit, 600,000 sq. ft. Ritz-Carlton Luxury Waterfront Condominiums built along Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, we do NOT provide typical residential construction services.

If you would like us to provide a bid for your concrete construction project, please contact our corporate office and/or upload your documents for review.