Marriott International Headquarters: A Sustainable Collaboration

Schuster Concrete Construction is proud to have been a part of the team that built the impressive Marriott International Headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. This LEED Gold certified building showcases innovation and collaboration, making it a landmark in the area.

A Towering Achievement

The 22-story headquarters boasts a spacious 785,000 square feet, providing ample room for Marriott’s operations. With 486 dedicated offices and over 200 conference rooms, the building fosters a productive and collaborative work environment. Additionally, the headquarters is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring efficient communication and seamless operations.

Sustainable Design

The LEED Gold certification signifies the building’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Schuster Concrete Construction is proud to have contributed to this sustainable vision by providing high-quality, durable concrete that meets the strictest environmental standards.

A Hospitality Hub

Adjacent to the headquarters lies the new 14-story Marriott Hotel, offering 224 comfortable guest rooms. This convenient location provides easy access between the corporate world and luxurious accommodations.

Underground Connection

A hidden marvel lies beneath both the headquarters and hotel: a massive 5-level below-grade parking garage. This expansive structure features 811 parking spaces, conveniently connecting the two buildings for a seamless experience.

Schuster Concrete Construction’s contribution to the Marriott International Headquarters project demonstrates our commitment to excellence in sustainable construction. We are proud to have played a role in creating this remarkable hospitality hub.

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